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In the MENA region over 50% of the volume, and approximately 35% to 40% of the value of in-store sales are based on promotions. Promotions are a gateway to a store but are potential loss leaders, and therefore pricing promotions correctly through promotion analytics tools and matrices is critical to every brand. Determining the efficiency and ROI of promotion campaigns is fundamental to meet every organisations goals of increased margin and market share. Our app clicflyer enables retailers to showcase their promotions in the form of promotion leaflets, product offers, and promo flyers .

Promotions involve engaging the right audience at the right price and at the right time, via the offer flyer or promotion flyer. We provide dashboards and tools to monitor competition and derive actionable insights in almost real time from result based insights and analytics. These tools are powered by over 2 years of data on 4 million offers covering over 20,000 brands.

Layered with our in app analytics of over 150 million clicks a month on our app from over 800,000 monthly active users including 120 million flyer page views, 40,000 store detail clicks, 7 million offer clicks & 400,000 add to carts we provide valuable insights to active shoppers preference’s and intent while they research & hunt for best deals during promotions of brands, offers, and retailers in the region.

Leverage data to create an actionable promotion strategy to maximise return on investment (ROI): In addition to our standard dashboard subscription, our highly skilled team of analysts provide promotional efficiency and return on investment (ROI) studies based on integration of point of sale (POS) data with promotional data.

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